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Behavior Issues

Pack Dynamics is Central Oregon’s trusted and kind solution to helping resolve your dog’s behavioral issues. You love your dog, so it is important to find a trainer and business that loves dogs as much as you do. We are dedicated to helping people connect on a deeper level with their canine family members while resolving behavioral issues. Owner, Sarah-Anne, has worked with dogs that have displayed behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, self-mutilation, obsessive and destructive behavior, aggression, fear based behavior, mouthing and pulling on the leash, to name a few. She is passionate about helping dogs and their owners as she knows how upsetting it can be when you one of your beloved canine family members is stressed, afraid and anxious and you feel helpless.

DSC_4032We teach people how to correct inappropriate dog behavior through an effective and caring method that helps your dog feel safe and relaxed as you teach them appropriate behavior while keeping your family safe and confident in their interactions with your dog.

Sarah-Anne is a certified International Dog Listener and participates in a Quality Assurance Program. It is a strict quality control system that enables her to offer exceptional, on-going assistance to every client.